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A Buyer’s Guide for Gun Safe

A Buyer’s Guide for Gun Safe

Are you looking for a gun safe but confused by looking at the varied options available in the market? Then, this is the perfect article to guide you in helping to buy the best gun safe. Gun Safe indeed is very important especially today for there are 99% chances of causing trouble from your family members. It is very true especially in cases where young kids are involved in the incidents. So, to avoid such risky situations, the best and the most secure place to store guns are the gun safes. Let’s take a look at some of the best gun safe from across the world.

Before getting Gun Forest quotes, check out the below points that will help you in choosing the gun safes.

1. Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe
· It is secured with biometric lock
· It gives access silently with absolutely no noise
· It can be programmed for up to 120 varied fingerprints
· It comes with a backup key in case of emergency purpose
· It can be mounted on the wall and features deadbolt locking of three points.
· It is bulky and tall
· The scanning of a fingerprint may take time as it is not very accurate in reading

2. Stack-On IWC 55 Full Length in Wall Cabinet
· It is modeled with a steel door for extra protection
· It features a locking system of three-point for more security it can securely hang on the wall and gives a classy look
· The interior of the safe is padded and comes with a removable shelf of steel

· It is very tall and is difficult to be astute
· The cost of installation can take a toll on your pocket
· Not very mobile

3. MonsterVault Underbed Safe
· It is perfect to store under bed
· Perfectly built and durable in design
· Easy and smooth to glide and convenient to store
· There’s More Here when it comes to programming with electric key
· It can be accessed within three seconds duration time

· No digital lock
· Enough space just for small guns

4. Verfi Smart Safe
· It is the best biometric gun safe
· It can be easily accessed for the sensor is based on FBI silicon
· Comes with tamper alert
· Construction is solid steel, durable and reliable

· Fingerprint access can become difficult if there’s a cut or scar
· Just enough for knives and small guns

5. Cobra Vaults Portable in Car Gun Safe
· A perfect gun safe that can be carried anywhere and everywhere. It also easily fits in the car without occupying large space
· It comes with pre-designed holes for drilling to mount on the wall
· Completely safe with kids
· It is modeled with heavy-gauge steel for extra protection

· It can be opened with keys. If someone gets the access of the keys, the gun is all theirs
· It can be easily robbed

6. Stack-On TD-24-GP-E-S Total Defense 22-24 Gun Safe
· It comes with big space for extra storage
· It has a backup key for emergency purpose
· It can hold 22 to 24 guns
· It is waterproof and has a 4-way system for locking
· Comes with powering or charging electronic devices

· It is very huge and bulky
· It cannot be concealed
· Fingerprints lock are not very accurate

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